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07.02.2014 The Special One (Legue...
21.01.2014 CE14 - Navarra (3 Carr...
19.01.2014 War Escuadron Trackman...
06.01.2014 1ยท Carrera de la CE14 ...
25.12.2013 OPEN SERVER TM2
tm 23.02.2014 blv1 - 21:0
tm 16.02.2014 InST - 2:21
tm 09.02.2014 f! - 3:21
tm 02.02.2014 BLv2 - 2:21
tm 26.01.2014 SK8 - 4:21

clanwar details

date: 26.01.2014
game / squad: Escuadron Trackmania Nations/united
opponent: SK8 / SK8>>Club
league: LETM [matchlink]
maps: Jagermaister by Elzar, Cenutrio by Habichuelo, Lord Zifu by Fuego
map result
Jagermaister by Elzar 2 : 7
Cenutrio by Habichuelo 1 : 7
Lord Zifu by Fuego 1 : 7
total 4 : 21
MVT team:
SK8 team:
server: Por determinar
hltv server:
Hora del encuentro a las 20horas


-Lord Zifuamusedark,Gato,Fuli,Castillo \\Reserva: Dragon y Tubbs
-Cenutrio:Gato,fuli,Dark y Monipitu \\Reserva:casti y Vampire
-Jagermeister:Fuli,Gato,Casti y Dark \\Reservaamusedragon y Sonyc


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